malabrigo linen stitch scarf: smitten

There are basically only two colors in this scarf, with some variation: red and grey. The general rule of thumb for the colors is two alternate the two colors, not letting all the bright reds or dark greys end up together too often. Here's how we did it:

Caston A: Ravelry Red (solid bright red)

Caston B: Polar Morn (medium grey)

Row 1: Intenso (red/fuschia/orange)

Row 2: SFO Sky (variegated greys)

Row 3: Colorinche (red/light blue)

Row 4: Box F (variegated red/purple/green/black)

Row 5: Pearl  (light grey)

Row 6: Vermilion (bright red)

Row 7: Stonechat (burgundy)

Row 8: Natural

Row 9: Little Lovely (red/pink)

Row 10: Garden Gate (dark blue-grey)

Row 11: Frost Grey (grey)

Row 12: Box P (variegated pink/purple/blue)

Repeat this same order twice more, or, as we did, mix it up. Enjoy!


malabrigo linen stitch scarf: terrain

With so many similar tones in this version (browns, blues, greys), the color order has never been less important. Just make sure you're not using all the blues in a row, or all the darkest shades, etc. But for those of you who really like a plan, here's the order we used!

Caston A: Stone Blue (medium blue)

Caston B: Praline (brown)

Row 1: Pearl (lt grey)

Row 2: Dark Earth (brown)

Row 3: Fitzgerald's Sky (grey/aqua/gold variegated)

Row 4: Comfy Junkie (variegated greys)

Row 5: Azul Profundo (deep blue)

Row 6: Natural

Row 7: Polvoriento (neutral grey/brown)

Row 8: Black Forest

Row 9: Bobby Blue (aqua)

Row 10: Selection K (variegated purple/gold)

Row 11: Indigo (deep blue)

Row 12: Pearl Ten (dark greys)

Repeat this same order twice more, or, as we did, mix it up. Enjoy!


malabrigo linen stitch scarf: madras

Our only advice for the color order of Madras is to space out the bright bits of green so that the scarf has a cohesive look. Here's how we did it:

Caston A: Colorinche

Caston B: Lettuce

Row 1: Polvoriento

Row 2: Sealing Wax

Row 3: Deja Vu

Row 4: Apple Cinnamon

Row 5: Hollyhock

Row 6: Noviembre

Row 7: Vermillion

Row 8: Simply Taupe

Row 9: Milonga

Row 10: Burgundy

Row 11: Melilla

Row 12: Roanoke



malabrigo linen stitch scarf: delphinium


With all the similar variegateds in this particular colorway, you really can't go wrong, but here's the order we chose. After the first go 'round with the colors, vary at will, or simply repeat this sequence.

Caston A: Plena

Caston B:Brillante

Row 1: Pearl

Row 2: Box P

Row 3: Hollyhock

Row 4: Box K

Row 5: Brisa

Row 6: Cuarzo

Row 7: Hummingbird

Row 8: Dark Earth

Row 9: Malambo

Row 10: Milonga

Row 11: Indigo

Row 12: Kaliedos



malabrigo linen stitch scarf: chamomile

The color order for the Chamomile kit (neutrals) is a bit different than other colorways. Why? Because this kit features so many neutrals, the color order is not quite so critical, and several of the colors can be used interchangeably.
Caston A: peachy
Caston B: soft solid grey
Row 1: light warm grey
Row 2: moss green
Row 3: grey
Row 4: dark brown or dark grey
Row 5: pale green/grey
Row 6: pale yellow
Row 7: light aqua
Row 8: natural
Row 9: light grey/taupe
Row 10: gold
Row 11: variegated aqua/grey/gold
Row 12: khaki
After that repeat the sequence twice more, or vary at will. 


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