malabrigo linen stitch scarf: chamomile

The color order for the Chamomile kit (neutrals) is a bit different than other colorways. Why? Because this kit features so many neutrals, the color order is not quite so critical, and several of the colors can be used interchangeably.
Caston A: peachy
Caston B: soft solid grey
Row 1: light warm grey
Row 2: moss green
Row 3: grey
Row 4: dark brown or dark grey
Row 5: pale green/grey
Row 6: pale yellow
Row 7: light aqua
Row 8: natural
Row 9: light grey/taupe
Row 10: gold
Row 11: variegated aqua/grey/gold
Row 12: khaki
After that repeat the sequence twice more, or vary at will. 



malabrigo linen stitch scarf: aurora

I know, I know. Color is scary. You will get gorgeous results no matter the color order you choose. Some of you would like a little extra help. For you, I've listed the order of the first round of colors used in the scarf. Did I keep track after that? No! Either repeat the sequence or mix it up a little as you'd like. Be brave! P.S. There are three very similar neutrals in the kits. They are interchangeable in the order so I've listed them generically. Finally: these are one of a kind kits; we make every effort to fairly represent in the kits the samples we have made. But there is variance with dye lots and specific color availability: the effect will be the same! We don't put yarn in kits that doesn't contribute to the look we intended. No two finished scarves look exactly the same, but they will be similar. Have fun!

Caston A: Pink/brown variegated

Caston B: Light neutral

Row 1: Green/yellow variegated

Row 2: Pink/lavender/grey variegated

Row 3: Bright pink variegated

Row 4: Greys variegated

Row 5: Light blue

Row 6: Highlighter yellow

Row 7: Pink/blue variegated

Row 8: Light neutral 

Row 9: Dark navy/pinks variegated

Row 10: Pinks/chartreuse variegated

Row 11: Light neutral

Row 12: Hot pink


malabrigo linen stitch scarf: patina


We're ready for fall in Minnesota. The trees along the Mississippi River are starting to turn, and we're reveling in the gold, oranges, and still, greens of the changing season. And you're knitting a Malabrigo Linen Stitch Scarf! What could be better? 

Some of you will strike out on your own and choose colors however you'd like. Some of you would like a little help. For you, I've listed the order of the first round of colors used in the scarf. After that, either repeat the sequence or mix it up a little as you'd like.

Caston A: Roanoke (brown)

Caston B: Frank Ochre (gold)

Row 1: Pink Frost

Row 2: SM Gold (bright variegated)

Row 3: Purple Magic

Row 4: Sapphire Green

Row 5: Frost Gray

Row 6: Rhodesian (dark orange)

Row 7: Burgundy

Row 8: Moss 

Row 9: Simply Taupe

Row 19: Sunset (mango)

Row 11: Autumn Forest (olive/rust)

Row 12: Box G (variegated)



malabrigo linen stitch scarf: springier

Is spring ever going to come to Minnesota? It's a brilliantly blue sunny day, but it's cold. I hope you're reading this from someplace much warmer than here—the rest of us will have to look at the beautiful blues, greens, purples, and yellow of our new colorway, Springier, to keep warm.

Now, I know many of you want to know the color order for making this scarf. And I'm going to give it to you . . . sort of. Isn't there a saying about giving someone a fish and they'll eat for a day, but teach someone to fish and they'll eat for a lifetime? We'll do a bit of that here. There are 14 colors in the Springier scarf, here's how they all got used the first time through:

Caston A: Praline (light brown)

Caston B: Moss (light yellow green) 

Row 1: Bobby Blue (bright aqua)

Row 2: Chapelstone or Pearl Ten (light or dark greige)

Row 3: Lime Blue (lime/navy variegated)

Row 4: SFO Sky (grey variegated)

Row 5: Malambo (purple multi variegated)

Row 6: Frank Ochre (gold)

Row 7: Tuareg (deep turquoise blue)

Row 8: Verde Adriana (green)

Row 9: Hiroshige (navy/gold/grey variegated)

Row 10: Jewel Blue (light blue)

Row 11: Verdes (green, very similar to Verde Adriana; it doesn't matter which one you use for rows 8 and 11)

Row 12: Box L (brown, blues variegated)

That's all fourteen colors, in the original order. You repeat those same colors, in any order you'd like. You may knit them in exactly the same order, but how boring would that be? Try alternating them the second time: B A 2 1 4 3, etc. Or go through the order backwards, or come up with some other way of reordering them. Or be completely random! I promise it's going to look great. And springy. Remember, full kits and yarn-only refill kits of both colorways—Classic and Springier—are available online. Now, go forth and linen stitch!


malabrigo linen stitch scarf: how to twist the fringe

You've barely finished your popcorn after watching our first almost-feature length video, how to cast on. And here we are with a sequel! In this video, we show you just how easy it is to create twisted fringe. More sophisticated than braiding, and less tangled than letting the yarn hang free, twisted fringe is the perfect look for this scarf. If you'd like to order a kit (available as full kits or yarn-only), you'll find them here. Enjoy!

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