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Classes + Clinics

The Yarnery offers a wide variety of knitting and crochet classes. Don't miss out on the chance to learn from The Yarnery's fantastic teachers. Register in person at the store, by phone at 651.222.5793, or via the registration form.

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Featured Classes

Beginning Knitting

Learning the basics of knitting while creating a pair of warm mittens during any of our 5 week sessions.

Tuesdays, September 16–October 14, 6–8 pm
Thursdays, September 18–October 16, 6–8 pm
Saturdays, September 20–October 25, 10 am–12 pm
Sundays, October 5–November 2, 1–3 pm
Wednesdays, November 12–December 17, 6–8 pm
Thursdays, November 13–December 18, 6–8 pm
Tuesdays, November 18–December 16, 6–8 pm


Intimidated by the pile of unfinished projects that need a little help to get them finished? Let's do it! Four hours of intensive work and you'll get those garments ready to wear. December 13, 12-4 pm.

Oops! Fix Your Mistakes

Does your stomach sink when you check over your knitting and see a mistake? Fortunately, most knitting mistakes are easily corrected. Learn to recognize mistakes and fix them, pick up dropped stitches, and safely rip out stitches. Monday, October 6, 6-8 pm.



Need a question answered before your next class? Stuck on a pattern that you want to take with you on vacation? Stop by The Yarnery every Monday from 5 to 8 pm and our experts will get you back on track and on your way, problems solved. NOTE: NO Thursday clinics during the summer.


If you’d like one-on-one attention from one of our experienced teachers, private lessons are available. Learn new techniques, refresh your memory, or even to start knitting and crocheting from scratch. Lessons are scheduled at your convenience by calling 651.222.5793.


Celebrate a birthday, plan a corporate team-building exercise, or just gather a group of friends for an afternoon or evening of knitting. We’ll tailor the event to your group’s needs, abilities, and interests. Call 651.222.5793 for more information.